PhD & MPhil Theses

  • Alison, Bird: ‘Astrology in Education: An Ethnography’, University of Sussex (2006) [Download...]
  • James, Brockbank: ‘The Responsive Cosmos: An Enquiry into the Theoretical Foundation of Astrology’, University of Kent (2011) [Download...]
  • Lindsay, Radermacher: 'The Role of Dialogue in Astrological Divination', University of Kent (2011) [Download...]
  • Angela, Voss: ‘Magic, Astrology and Music: The Astrological Music Therapy of Marsilio Ficino and his Role as a Renaissance Magus’, City University (1992) [Download...]
  • Phillipson, Garry: ‘Astrology and Truth: A Context in Contemporary Epistemology’, UWTSD (2019) [Download...]
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