Recent Academic Research on Astrology

Recent years have seen a flowering of academic research on astrology, or topics related to astrology, unprecedented in the last three hundred years. This website exists in order to make as much as possible of this work available.

Update, 13th June 2023: in the coming months this site will merge with This decision has been taken since the two sites have almost identical aims and a great deal of overlap in content.

It will be limited to:

  • Ph.D. or M.Phil. theses from accredited universities.
  • Selected M.A. dissertations from accredited universities.
  • Work in English.
  • Work in either the humanities or social sciences. (Research attempting to locate astrology as effects with causes determinable by the physical sciences is a sufficiently different enterprise to belong somewhere else.)
  • Short notices about forthcoming books based on, or incorporating, theses or dissertations.

All Ph.D./ M.Phil. theses and short notices that are offered by their authors will be accepted that conform, in the Editor’s opinion, to the above criteria. Regarding M.A. dissertations, the final decision of what to include rests with myself, as the site’s editor.

Finally, although it has no direct involvement with this website, the Sophia Trust deserves thanks for making much of this research possible through its generous institutional support at various British universities.

(Dr) Patrick Curry

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